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Sakura Dojo Brazil is a martial arts study center created and directed to facilitate the dissemination of the Budo Taijutsu as well as the study of martial arts. This space aims at disseminating information about our activities, our local training and the provision of a channel of contact. In addition all teachers and instructors who are members of our dojo and join our initiative in electronic publishing may provide information to their students and the Internet through the following channels:

  • Videos;
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I, Sensei Aluisio Souza official Bujinkan instructor, was the creator of this project and I hope we can help you in search of information.

Where did we come from?

The Sakura Dojo Brazil was created from Sakura Dojo.

Sakura Dojo is the name of the center of study of martial arts created and directed by Carlos Etchegaray Shihan 15th Dan. The seat is in Argertina in the city of Buenos Aires under the address: Actis 1023, Haedo.

The focus of this study dojo is the art commonly called Ninja Ninjutsu whose official name is Budo Taijutsu the Bujinkan.

We began our studies with Shihan Carlos Etchegaray and continuing this work we are currently operating in Brazil disclosing this ancient art.

What is Budo Taijutsu or Ninjutsu?

Currently the training is the main practice of Tai Jutsu (unarmed combat against armed opponents), which is attached to Seishin Teki Kyoyo. This is the spiritual refinement of the human being as a being conscious of the importance that has the protection of the individual through the care and environment of coexistence. In martial art there is no competition and it is to protect the humans and not harm it. The main focus is the development of human beings in full through the martial arts. The Bujinkan is an emphasis on physical protection, mental and spiritual. Its old and traditional methods are perfectly adapted to modern times.

The balance between the practice and philosophy is the fundamental point that makes the art effective and complete bringing concrete benefits to both the body and for the mind.

What is the Bujinkan?

The Bujinkan is an international organization created and led by our great Master and Soke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and headquartered in Japan responsible for the dissemination of budo taijutsu Ninjutsu or around the world the current site of the International Bujinkan is located in 636 Noda, Noda - shi, Chiba-ken, 278-8691 Japan.

The Budo Taijutsu to Bujinkan today holds the legacy of nine traditional Japanese schools, which are:

  • Togakure ryu Ninjutsu;
  • Gyokko ryu Koshijutsu;
  • Kukishinden ryu Happo Hikenjutsu;
  • Shinden Fudo ryu Dakentaijutsu;
  • Gyokushin ryu Ninjutsu;
  • Koto ryu Koppojutsu;
  • Gikan ryu Koppojutsu;
  • Takagi Yoshin ryu Jutaijutsu;
  • Kumogakure ryu Ninjutsu;

It is important to know that to really be a Dojo Bujinkan affiliated to the person responsible for it, is Shidoshi-ho, Shidoshi or Shihan, must have their documentation to date with the Bujinkan Japan thus fulfilling the orders of Hatsumi Sensei.

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